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Bedbuyer™ is Australia’s leading independent mattress review site. Our team of sleep experts have tested over 1,600 mattresses to help you get the right mattress, at the right price.

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  • Absolutely thrilled with the mattress recommendation. Would highly recommend checking their reviews on your preferred mattress before buying. Thank you.
    Sally, WA
  • We have been sleeping on our dusk & dawn mattress for just over a week now it is bloody fantastic. My wife and I can’t believe the difference it has made. We are both in our 60’s and I’m a Builder, we both used to wake up in the mornings a bit stiff and sore. I can’t thank you enough for your advice, you're a marvel. Thanks heaps once again!
    Paul, VIC
  • I was getting confused by the myriad of online bed in a box companies, so asked advice on what to buy for my daughter. Their advice was useful and helped us select to right bed. Daughter is sleeping very well..
    Annie, ACT
  • We took delivery of a Dusk and Dawn Essential Comfy Medium, chosen upon your recommendation. The mattress is absolutely perfect! So comfortable yet supportive. No more waking with a sore back! Thank you
    Loz, QLD
  • AMAZING!! It’s the best mattress! Will be purchasing another for my other child and looking forward to when I can one day upgrade my own mattress!! Thanks very much again for the advice!
    Jo, NSW
  • Loved the Bedbuyer website as it organised mattresses into categories as well as reviewed each mattress. After filling out the online form I was advised which mattress was suitable for my needs. The mattress I purchased is so much more comfortable than my previous one and I feel the review genuinely reflects the mattress.

    Renee Louise, VIC
  • Highly recommend bed buyer! Their advice put me onto an amazing mattress. Thanks a lot guys!
    Daniel, VIC
  • Bedbuyer appears to have one of the (if not the) most exhaustive database on different mattress in Australia with the most objective and systematic of expert-conducted detailed reviews. Bedbuyer thus allowed me to make the most balanced of decisions when it came to finding my new mattress recently, and not be easily swept away by the aggressive marketing/advertising of a smaller handful of “vocal” brands.
    Renjie, NSW
  • I was recommended Bed Buyer by my chiropractor and am so glad I reached out for their help. Their advice was invaluable and we ended up going with a perfect option we hadn’t yet discovered let alone considered prior. 

    Lauren, NSW
  • Bedbuyer were absolutely brilliant in assisting and advising me regarding a bed purchase. Very forthcoming and they actually care, so I would highly recommend getting in touch with them if you have any queries whatsoever about a mattress you may be looking to purchase. All in all a superb service.

    Tim, QLD
  • We had been looking for a new mattress for our 3 year old daughter but with so many options, it was hard to know where to start. Thankfully I found the Bedbuyer website - their team was prompt and professional in helping me choose the right mattress within our budget. Great service!

    Simon, WA
  • These Guys are great. Narrow down your search for a mattress with their in depth reviews and then go and try. We bought the medium Onyx from Beds and Dreams and its Great. Thanks Guys. We'll be back to check again when we are due an upgrade in the spare room.

    Anthony, NSW
  • I have received excellent advice and help from Jon over the last year while figuring out what mattress to purchase. Very quick to respond and knowledgable on store stock and brands. I recommend you speak to these people first before purchasing your new mattress. I have now purchased two top recommended mattresses in a box. The website is so helpful.

    Chrissy, QLD
  • Jon and his team was extremely helpful. Have been looking to replace my mattress but wasn’t sure where to start until I stumbled across their website. I later reached out to Jon for further information and ended up purchasing the Hypnos Balmoral for a great price in store !

    Joe, VIC

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